What is the difference between aroma diffuser and humidifier? How to choose?



 Essential oil diffuser: Ultrasonic aromatherapy machine is specially designed for essential oil users. The cavity can be added with pure plant essential oil and pure water. 

Humidifier: The main function of the humidifier is humidification. Only fresh water can be added.

aroma diffuser


 Essential oil diffuser: Most of the PP materials, aromatherapy machine chips, wafer spoons, atomizers are specially developed for essential oils, resistant to oil, water and chemical corrosion. Humidifier: Ordinary humidifier uses ABS or AS plastic material as the water tank. The main medium is water. It is not resistant to essential oil corrosion. Long-term use will cause the water tank to be corroded, which will cause cracking. It may also release toxic gas into the air, affecting it. Healthy body.

essential oil diffuser

 <Different vibration technology>

 Humidifier: The ultrasonic oscillating power of the humidifier is small, and the essential oil cannot be used, which may cause the essential oil to oscillate and decompose incompletely and stay in the machine.

Essential oil diffuser: The ultrasonic vibration technology used in the aromatherapy machine can atomize water molecules and essential oils into the nanometer level and diffuse into the air.

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 In a word, the work and requirements of the aromatherapy machine are relatively high, and the aromatherapy machine can be used as a humidifier or as an aromatherapy.

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